American Horror Stories: “Dollhouse” Review

After a lukewarm received first season, the American Horror Story spinoff series, American Horror Stories (emphasis on the plural) is back with a second season.  And its premiere episode “Dollhouse” is a refreshing step up from pretty much everything we got last year.  Let’s dig into why that is. Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned Twisted Game A young woman named Coby (Kristine Froseth) goes for … Continue reading American Horror Stories: “Dollhouse” Review

Creepshow Review – “Gray Matter”/”The House of the Head” (Spoilers)

In an awesomely surprising move, Shudder dropped their new anthology series Creepshow several hours early today and horror fans couldn’t be more thrilled.  They’ve been eager with anticipation ever since the terrifying streaming service first announced this follow up to the 1982 Stephen King/George A. Romero classic. But in the almost 40 years since that original film, could a new TV revival ever live up … Continue reading Creepshow Review – “Gray Matter”/”The House of the Head” (Spoilers)