“Fear” – Movie Review

Fear is at the very center of what the horror genre is all about.  Although to be fair, just because a film isn’t “scary” to a particular person doesn’t mean it’s a terrible movie (which is a debate for a different day).  But fear itself is at the core of what horror’s ultimate purpose is.  So many different horror movies have toyed with the idea … Continue reading “Fear” – Movie Review

25 Fun Facts About Fear

There’s nothing more exciting than a new romance, especially when you’re on Cloud 9 and you think that this person is just the greatest person you’ve ever met.  There’s a reason they call the early part of a relationship/marriage “the honeymoon phase”. Because as time goes on, people’s true colors are revealed.  And if you’re lucky it’s the just common flaws that all people have … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About Fear