“Fear” – Movie Review

Fear is at the very center of what the horror genre is all about.  Although to be fair, just because a film isn’t “scary” to a particular person doesn’t mean it’s a terrible movie (which is a debate for a different day).  But fear itself is at the core of what horror’s ultimate purpose is.  So many different horror movies have toyed with the idea … Continue reading “Fear” – Movie Review

15 Unconventionally Romantic Horror Movies

With Valentine’s Day upon us, millions will be enjoying romantic comedies, while other millions will be forced to watch those against their will.  That said, even Valentine’s Day can be celebrated via the lens of horror, and we don’t just mean with My Bloody Valentine (or its mediocre remake) either. Horror can be many things: frightening, disturbing, gory, thought-provoking, hilarious, and even romantic at times.  … Continue reading 15 Unconventionally Romantic Horror Movies