20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination 2”

If you’ve even driven on a highway behind a large truck carrying logs or some other load like it, you probably immediately merged into another lane.  And you probably did so because of one iconic scene in Final Destination 2. One scene alone managed to traumatize an entire generation, and remains one of the highlights in horror movie history.  So in honor of its 20th … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination 2”

15 Fun Facts About “Final Destination 3”

There’s no horror franchise quite like Final Destination.  Most other slashers involved a character chasing and killing everyone, but here it’s death itself that’s the villain.   It’s all the more terrifying because how inevitable death truly is.  So it’s no surprise that this series took off the way that it did. The first film made us afraid to fly, the second caused us to be … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “Final Destination 3”

20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination”

There have been a great many iconic horror movie villains, but none are as pervasive, or inevitable as death itself.  And that was the very real fear that Final Destination first tapped into, upon its release 20 years ago. So, as the world self-quarantines and lives in fear of a virus, let’s all be afraid of elaborate, over the top ways to die, and celebrate … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination”

“Countdown” – Movie Review

They say that death and taxes are the only things from which we cannot escape.  However, one could commit tax evasion by not paying them, so ultimately, death is the only inevitable force in the universe. But would knowing the exact date and time change our perspective?  It’s a truly fascinating and thought-provoking concept, one that Countdown attempts to explore, but unfortunately fails miserably at.  … Continue reading “Countdown” – Movie Review