American Horror Stories: “Aura” Review

Who else shudders every time someone knocks on their door at night?  This day and age, doorbell cameras are all the rage because in the digital/texting world we live in, it’s rare that people just “pop over” anymore.  The latest episode of American Horror Stories, “Aura” taps into that fear, but with a fascinating spin on it. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!! Home Security … Continue reading American Horror Stories: “Aura” Review

40 Fun Facts About “Poltergeist”

Released in 1982, Poltergeist remains the definitive haunted house film that dominated the subgenre for decades, and arguably still does today.  With the combined efforts of Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg (much more on that later), it brought haunted house cinema from creepy decrepit mansions built in the 1800s to modern day suburbia, in a way making it feel much more real. Its contribution to … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About “Poltergeist”

The Bunker Game – Movie Review

Through the lens of entertainment, it’s easy to look at history as just a prop or background setting to create new stories.  However, we must never forget that the past really happened and that with it comes many scars and traumas.  This idea is at the forefront of the latest Shudder Exclusive, The Bunker Game. Alternate History (Minor Spoilers) Opening with a fake newsreel that … Continue reading The Bunker Game – Movie Review

“They Live in the Grey” – Movie Review

With a title like They Live in the Grey, one might expect a crossover sequel where a famous wrestler with sunglasses fights wolves with Liam Neeson.  Awesome as that may sound, the latest Shudder original is far from it, and in fact it’s far better.  Equally chilling and compelling, They Live in a Grey dabbles in supernatural horror while exploring very relatable themes of grief, … Continue reading “They Live in the Grey” – Movie Review

Why “Thirteen Ghosts” is an Underrated Gem: 20 Years Later

The 2000’s saw a wave of remakes of horror classics, and some were more successful than others.  One that flew under a lot of radars in 2001 was the remake of Thirteen Ghosts, starring Tony Shalhoub, Matthew Lillard, Shannon Elizabeth, and F. Murray Abraham. While it was largely considered a flop, barely recouping its $42 million budget, it’s gained something of a cult following in … Continue reading Why “Thirteen Ghosts” is an Underrated Gem: 20 Years Later

25 Fun Facts About “The Frighteners”

Long before he was forever synonymous with Middle Earth and big budget fantasy, Peter Jackson (much like Sam Raimi) had a reputation for campy but fun horror. With films like Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles, Jackson was a leading voice in indie horror.  So a few years before he went all in with Tolkien, he co-wrote and directed one last horror comedy, that many … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “The Frighteners”

“The Shining” vs. “Doctor Sleep”

There’s no shortage of sequels to classic films being released decades later.  And while they’re mostly met with apprehension at best and hatred at worst, not all of them have the creator of the original property behind them. Stephen King famously despised the 1980 Stanley Kubrick adaptation of The Shining (and even did his own TV version in 1997), but he shocked the world when … Continue reading “The Shining” vs. “Doctor Sleep”

“Don’t Listen” – Movie Review

Anyone familiar with paranormal investigating will certainly recognized the term electronic voice phenomena (EVP).  However, for the casual horror fan, there really hasn’t been a major movie that exclusively dealt with it since 2005’s White Noise, starring Michael Keaton.  The latest Netflix original Don’t Listen (aka Voices in its original Spanish title) uses EVP to explore grief, loss, and the supernatural. Family Tragedy Following the … Continue reading “Don’t Listen” – Movie Review

15 Fun Facts About “2001 Maniacs”

Small creepy towns with a secret have always gone hand-in-hand with horror movies.  Originally intended to be made in 2001, 2005’s 2001 Maniacs takes this concept and puts a comedic spin on it.  So in honor of the 15th anniversary of its US Premiere today, we thought it would be fitting to look at 15 fun facts about 2001 Maniacs! 1. The role of Mayor … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “2001 Maniacs”

How Horror Changed Over Time

For many nonfans, it’s easy to write off horror as being either cheap or poor in quality. And while there’s no shortage of terrible horror films to complain about, there is also a level of brilliance, which is often overlooked. The simple fact is the horror genre is much smarter than it gets credit for. Over the years, the necessary tools to elicit a frightened … Continue reading How Horror Changed Over Time