15 Fun Facts About “1408”

Ever since “The Shining”, Stephen King has been synonymous with haunted hotels.  And while that remains a classic of both literature and film, another iconic haunted hotel story of his was released and adapted many years later.  In the years since its release, 1408 has become iconic in its own right. It boasts great performances from John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, and is an … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “1408”

“Lingering” – Movie Review

The past often has a way to haunt us for many years to come.  Whether this haunting is literal in supernatural form, or a figurative haunting in the form of past trauma, it can hold a dominion over the present.  Shudder’s latest original film from South Korea, The Lingering taps into both. Haunted Hotel We begin with a young woman taking custody of her child … Continue reading “Lingering” – Movie Review