Ranking “Into the Dark” Season 2

Technically spanning 3 years (late 2019-early 2021) the second season of Hulu’s Into the Dark certainly faced hardships, in the wake of worldwide challenges.  While it took 5 months longer than usual, they still delivered 12 unique tales of terror, all based around a different holiday. So with the second season now ended (and hopefully a third one on the way), we thought it would … Continue reading Ranking “Into the Dark” Season 2

Why “A Christmas Horror Story” is the Perfect Piece of Holiday Horror

There’s a myriad of great Christmas horror films out there that range from killer Santas, to Krampus, to scary ghost stories (as the song suggests), to the stress and anxiety associated with the holiday season. Most of these movies deal with one or two of these subjects, but there’s one that manages to capture the full gamut of the Christmas horror spirit.  In the same … Continue reading Why “A Christmas Horror Story” is the Perfect Piece of Holiday Horror

Into the Dark: “Pilgrim” Review

Every year at Thanksgiving, many of us go around the table to divulge that which we are most thankful for.  For many, it’s the only time of year they take out even a brief moment to contemplate their gratefulness for all they have, and maybe that’s the problem. The newest entry in Hulu’s anthology horror series Into the Dark, takes a closer look at just … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Pilgrim” Review