“Horror Noire” Anthology Spinoff Coming to Shudder Oct. 28 [Trailer]

Shudder’s 61 Days of Horror celebration keeps on coming with the latest announcement and trailer drop for Horror Noire.  If that name sounds at all familiar, it was the title of Shudder’s award-winning documentary from 2019 that explored the history of black representation in horror films. Featuring a slew of interviews with immensely talented actors, writers, and directors, including executive producer and horror historian Tananarive … Continue reading “Horror Noire” Anthology Spinoff Coming to Shudder Oct. 28 [Trailer]

25 Magical Facts About “The Craft”

For many teenagers, high school can be an absolutely terrifying experience.  Between dealing with hormones, social pressure, trouble at home, and outright bullying from other students, who hasn’t wished for a boost of power during that time? Perhaps that’s why The Craft resonated so much with young audiences 25 years ago.  It was empowering and exciting to see four teenage girls use witchcraft to stand … Continue reading 25 Magical Facts About “The Craft”

“Tales from the Hood 3” – Movie Review

Taking a much shorter hiatus between sequels this time, Tales from the Hood 3 continues the tradition of weaving an anthology of horror tales that play out like morality fables inspired by real world social issues, particularly those prominent in the black community. The original sadly didn’t do well back in 1995, but has since become a cult classic (you can check out our piece … Continue reading “Tales from the Hood 3” – Movie Review