Into the Dark: “Crawlers” Review

After two rather disappointing entries in their Into the Dark series, Hulu and Blumhouse redeemed themselves with the latest installment of holiday horror; a St. Patrick’s Day themed alien invasion film titled “Crawlers”. For anyone who’s tired of only watching the Leprechaun films on Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s a fun sci-fi horror alternative1 Not Your Typical Bar Crawl The usual drunken March 17th festivities are … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Crawlers” Review

Into the Dark: “My Valentine” Review

Another month, another holiday, another installments of Hulu’s horror anthology Into the Dark! “My Valentine” doesn’t deal with Valentine’s Day directly, but it analyzes a common issue among relationships and runs with it to a horrifying extreme, all while jamming in the meantime. Not Your Typical Concert The film opens with a performance by Valentine (Britt Baron) at a local club. All seems to be … Continue reading Into the Dark: “My Valentine” Review

Into the Dark: “Midnight Kiss” Review

With the myriad of Christmas themed horror films, New Year’s Eve so often gets overlooked.  Hulu’s holiday horror anthology, Into the Dark remedied this in 2018 with “New Year, New You”, and now they’ve done so again with “Midnight Kiss”.  While this New Year slasher does a lot for representation in the genre, ultimately it falls short in the horror department.  So let’s take a … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Midnight Kiss” Review

Castle Rock: “Clean” Review (Spoilers)

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already reached the end of our second season.  What began as a mysterious drama based around the world of Stephen King has evolved into an explosive (literally) and tense second season that’s vastly superior to the first in many ways. We’ve seen beloved characters like Annie Wilkes get second chances to be redeemed in the eyes of audiences, as … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Clean” Review (Spoilers)

Castle Rock: “Caveat Emptor” Review (Spoilers)

Eight episodes of buildup, and the penultimate episode of the season didn’t disappoint with its delivery!  In what is definitely the most action-packed episode of the series thus far, it also surprisingly bridged the gap between seasons 1 and 2, whose sole connections before were left very much up for interpretation.  So let’s take an explosive (no pun intended) look at “Caveat Emptor”! Spoilers Ahead … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Caveat Emptor” Review (Spoilers)

Castle Rock: “Dirty” Review

Proving once again to be far superior to its first season, Castle Rock season 2 gave us a strong episode, further building its supernatural threat and putting things in motion for what will most likely be a tense finale! Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned!!! Hitting the Fan Following the events of last episode, the “Cult of Amity” has completely taken over the town.  Believing that … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Dirty” Review

Castle Rock: “The Word” Review

After last week’s tense cliffhanger, Castle Rock does absolutely nothing to ease up the tension this week, as it brings about a much awaited payoff and new stakes (no pun intended) from a subplot that’s suddenly becoming the most interesting and compelling one. (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!!) Trip Back in Time Opening in what looks like a scene from The Crucible, we get … Continue reading Castle Rock: “The Word” Review

Castle Rock: “Mother” Review

Following up what was arguably the best episode of all of Castle Rock, “Mother” had the daunting task of paying off the emotional setup we got in “The Laughing Place”, while also picking up Nadia and Abdi’s Merrill subplot, and also advancing the supernatural horror element which will most likely play a role later.  And if that sounds like a lot to cover, it very … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Mother” Review

Castle Rock: “The Laughing Place” Review

As we approach the midpoint of Season 2, Castle Rock gave us another compelling episode, further explaining the backstory of one of its main characters. Last week, we learned more about Nadia and Pop, while barely featuring Annie Wilkes, and now, in the season’s longest (and possibly best) episode, the entire focus is on her tragic past, which led her to become the person she … Continue reading Castle Rock: “The Laughing Place” Review

Into the Dark: “Pilgrim” Review

Every year at Thanksgiving, many of us go around the table to divulge that which we are most thankful for.  For many, it’s the only time of year they take out even a brief moment to contemplate their gratefulness for all they have, and maybe that’s the problem. The newest entry in Hulu’s anthology horror series Into the Dark, takes a closer look at just … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Pilgrim” Review