Why “They Live” Remains So Relevant Today

John Carpenter’s 1988 classic They Live was very much a product of its time.  With media like Stranger Things, The Goldbergs and every single slasher requel, it’s easy to look back on the 1980’s with nostalgia. But for every rose-tinted viewpoint, there’s a darker side underneath, and John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror/action film touched upon that perfectly.  But what’s even more fascinating is that They Live has … Continue reading Why “They Live” Remains So Relevant Today

“The Platform” – Movie Review

Stories about isolation are hitting close to home, now more than ever. And few are as simultaneously simple and bleak as Netflix’s The Platform. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s dystopian thriller from Spain explores themes of isolation, inequality, and the desperation people will go to in times of crisis. Worst Prison on Earth After volunteering in exchange for compensation, Goreng (Ivan Massagué) wakes up in the concrete prison … Continue reading “The Platform” – Movie Review