Disney Brings Genuine Scares in New “Haunted Mansion” Trailer

After giving us a short teaser a few months ago, Disney dropped the full trailer of their upcoming horror-comedy, Haunted Mansion.  And honestly, it looks genuinely creepy, at least for a Disney movie… We’re treated to dark and creepy settings with jump scares and imagery that feels like a cross between The Further from Insidious and the vibrantly colored ghosts from 2016’s Ghostbusters.  Let’s not … Continue reading Disney Brings Genuine Scares in New “Haunted Mansion” Trailer

“Halloween Ends” – A Creatively Bold, Incredibly Divisive Finale (Spoiler Free Review)

44 years, 13 films, 1 iconic killer, and 1 iconic final girl, all of which have led to 2022’s Halloween Ends.  It promises to be a true finale to this mammoth horror franchise (we’ll see how long that lasts), and because of that there is honestly no way possible that such a finale with so much riding on it could possibly please everyone.  The final … Continue reading “Halloween Ends” – A Creatively Bold, Incredibly Divisive Finale (Spoiler Free Review)

Behind the Monsters: “Michael Myers” Review

Shudder’s latest documentary series, Behind the Monsters takes a deep dive into some of the most iconic horror villains of all time.  Via interviews with stars from the movies, as well as film critics and producers, the series is a fascinating descent into the lore of what scares us. For its premiere episode, Behind the Monsters honed in the OG slasher icon.  Sure, there were … Continue reading Behind the Monsters: “Michael Myers” Review

“Halloween Kills” – Movie Review

Following a year-long delay, audiences were finally treated to the hotly anticipated (no pun intended) sequel to the 2018 sequel/soft reboot of Halloween.  Promising more blood, gore, and connections to the original film.  And while Halloween Kills certainly delivers on these promises, it has a few narrative issues and bites off more than it can chew in other areas.  The result is a fun slasher … Continue reading “Halloween Kills” – Movie Review

Universal Drops Bloody and Brutal Trailer for “Halloween Kills”

The wait is finally over, for the full trailer that is.  After being postponed an entire year to October 2021, Universal finally dropped the first full trailer of Halloween Kills, at 10pm EST no less! We had previously seen a brief snippet of the triumphant trio (Laurie, her daughter, and granddaughter) in a 30 second clip, but here we get Michael Myers himself, and whole … Continue reading Universal Drops Bloody and Brutal Trailer for “Halloween Kills”

Terror Train vs. New Year’s Evil

Two early slashers, two New Year’s Eve parties, two movies that turned 40 this year, there’s oddly a lot in common between Terror Train and New Year’s Evil.  Neither are quite as well-known as other slasher classics, but they both capitalized on New Year’s Eve, a holiday which doesn’t get as much attention in cinema, and they both did so in the very same year. … Continue reading Terror Train vs. New Year’s Evil

“Knives Out” Review (Spoiler Free)

Following the release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and its immense fan backlash (much of which went way too far), Rian Johnson took a step back from large franchise filmmaking, and instead embarked on writing and directing an original project far better than anything he could ever do with the constraints of a major studio.  What resulted is arguably his best film … Continue reading “Knives Out” Review (Spoiler Free)