10 Awesome Vacation Horror Movies

Summer is a time we all associate with baseball games, swimming pools, summer camps, no school, and just vacation itself.  And horror has always been associated with “ruining” everyday things by making them terrifying and the same is true for summer and vacations. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of these horror films that have definitely made us … Continue reading 10 Awesome Vacation Horror Movies

Ranking Every M. Night Shyamalan Movie (including “Old”)

Few directors have such simultaneous high highs and low lows as M. Night Shyamalan.  He’s gone from being described as “The Next Spielberg” to becoming a punchline, to making something of a comeback and regaining the adoration of fans. However, he still deserves a great deal of respect given that he never compromises what he wants to do, and ever since The Visit, he’s financed … Continue reading Ranking Every M. Night Shyamalan Movie (including “Old”)

“Old” – Movie Review

There are few filmmakers that are as divisive as M. Night Shyamalan.  Whether his films are being acclaimed as brilliant, or ripped apart for being ridiculous, they’re rarely boring.  Following the release of The Visit, Shyamalan has enjoyed something of a renaissance, at least in terms of his films’ reception. Based on a 2010 graphic novel called “The Sandcastle”, Old keeps this positive trend going.  … Continue reading “Old” – Movie Review

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old” Gets Full Trailer

Following a comeback of sorts that involved critical and audience acclaim with The Visit and Split, M. Night Shyamalan is back with another seemingly disturbing thriller.  Universal teased audiences with a 30 second Superbowl spot back in February, but just released the first full trailer and it’s definitely unsettling… Universal Fear Based on the 2010 graphic novel “The Sandcastle”, Old deals with a family on … Continue reading M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old” Gets Full Trailer

Servant: “Josephine” Review

The season-long tension-build finally came to an explosive conclusion on Servant.  The result was equal parts thrilling and poignant, and leaves the series in a rather interesting position moving forward into the third season (which was already renewed before Season 2 began). (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Aunt Josephine We’ve met the oddly eccentric Uncle George and Aunt May, but Leanne’s “Aunt” Josephine makes … Continue reading Servant: “Josephine” Review

Servant: “Goose” Review

The only thing more uncomfortable and awkward than the interpersonal interactions on Servant this season is a Christmas meal filled with tension.  The penultimate episode of Season 2 combines both of these for an episode that’s admittedly less intense than ones we’ve seen thus far, but the events that happen have been a very long time coming. (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Cradle-Robbing Christmas … Continue reading Servant: “Goose” Review

Servant: “Loveshack” Review

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder on Servant, Uncle George is here to stay with rituals a plenty!  The latest episode delivers on quiet, subtle character moments in the first half and all out absurdity (in a good way) in the second half.  It takes us new places and ensures that things will never be the same again. (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been … Continue reading Servant: “Loveshack” Review

Servant: “Espresso” Review

What’s weirder than Sean, Dorothy, and Julian holding an 18 year old hostage in the attic?  It turns out throwing Leanne’s Uncle George into the mix makes things far stranger than we could have possibly imagined… (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Sean’s New Toy Opening with a flashback shortly after Jericho was born, we see Sean opening up and putting together the giant espresso … Continue reading Servant: “Espresso” Review

Servant: “Cake” Review

After what was arguably the most intense and brutal episode of Servant thus far, “Cake” takes a step back from the intensity, but in some ways it’s even more unsettling and creepy in different ways.  All the while, the plot picks up the pace and sets up a thrilling cliffhanger (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Dorothy Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde To say that Dorothy … Continue reading Servant: “Cake” Review

Servant: “2:00” Review

Last week’s episode, “Pizza” was fun and lighthearted with Sean and Dorothy creating a fake pizza restaurant to try and infiltrate a house they believed Leanna might be in. However it ended with on an absolutely dark and creepy note as Dorothy proved just how far she’s willing to go, and that continues in “2:00”.  This latest episode is without a doubt the most disturbing … Continue reading Servant: “2:00” Review