How “Scream” Changed Horror Forever

Every decade or so, a new horror film comes along that has such an impact that it shifts the direction of the genre at least for a while.  While it’s usually the result of studios and creators trying to capture the magic of what worked by imitating it, there’s no denying its impact on the genre as a whole. In 1978, Halloween created a slasher … Continue reading How “Scream” Changed Horror Forever

“Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge” – Movie Review

Back in 2020, Shudder’s very meta horror comedy Scare Package took the streaming service by storm and flipped a lot of fun horror tropes and cliches on their heads.  It even debuted on an episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs with the titular host even showing up in the movie itself.  So with that kind of buzz, it was only natural … Continue reading “Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge” – Movie Review

“Vicious Fun” – Movie Review

Horror seems to be in constant conflict with critics, who never give the genre the respect that it deserves.  Shudder’s latest original horror/comedy, Vicious Fun takes this concept and runs with it absurdly hilarious territory! Serial Killer Support Group We’re first introduced to Joel (Evan Marsh), the self-important founder of a horror magazine called “Vicious Fanatics” (which he’s told to change to “Vicious Fun” because … Continue reading “Vicious Fun” – Movie Review