“Scare Package” – Movie Review

Between Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Scream, Cabin in the Woods, Behind the Mask, and many more, one could say that meta horror has become a subgenre in its own right. Shudder’s latest original, Scare Package, tows this line between meta and downright parody, all while presenting itself in an anthology style that horror is so well known for. The result is an out of control … Continue reading “Scare Package” – Movie Review

Pros and Cons of “Scream 5”

Well it’s impossible to go on the internet without seeing the news that David Arquette has officially signed on to reprise his role of Dewey in the upcoming Scream 5. And with Neve Campbell reportedly in talks to come back as Sidney, some fans are excited at the idea of 2 of the 3 main characters returning (the jury is still out on Courtney Cox). … Continue reading Pros and Cons of “Scream 5”

What’s the Best Slasher Satire?

Ever since the success of Halloween, slashers have remained a staple of the horror genre. After reaching their peak in the 80’s, and decline in the 90’s, it became quite clear that this subgenre would have to adapt to stay relevant. The simple fact is that many of the tropes that fans had come to love about slashers had become tired and worn out. So … Continue reading What’s the Best Slasher Satire?