Hereditary vs. Midsommar

Ari Aster may have only directed two feature films, but both have certainly made waves and proved to be incredibly divisive by horror fans. It seems that people either understood these movies, finding them brilliant, or found them incredibly boring. But we can’t deny that Aster blended arthouse cinematic brilliance with psychological horror, and the results are two of the best horror movies of 2018 … Continue reading Hereditary vs. Midsommar

5 Biggest Horror Oscar Snubs

It’s no secret that horror doesn’t get very much respect from the Academy.  There’s long been a mindset that “genre films” were somehow beneath the integrity and prestige of the cinematic masterpieces that get nominated. And while horror has been recognized from time to time (especially Silence of the Lambs), these instances are quite rare.  So in the interest of honoring the genre that we … Continue reading 5 Biggest Horror Oscar Snubs

Top 10 Horror Films of 2019

As the rest of the cinematic landscape is dominated by remakes, reboots, and sequels, horror remains the one genre where an original idea can still thrive.  And while horror certainly has its share of all those (including a few on this list), we’re thrilled to say that 2019 was filled with a variety of fun, creative, and compelling horror.  So let’s dive in to the … Continue reading Top 10 Horror Films of 2019

“Midsommar” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

2019, R, Written and Directed by Ari Aster, A24, 140 minutes After making waves and disturbing audiences with Hereditary last year, writer/director Ari Aster followed it up with what he describes as “Wizard of Oz for perverts”.  However, after watching Midsommar, a better description might be “a spiritual remake of The Wicker Man”, and far better than that abysmal Nicholas Cage remake at that!  So … Continue reading “Midsommar” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)