30 Fun Facts About “Misery”

Long before the internet or social media, the very best example of a toxic fandom was that of Annie Wilkes in Stephen King’s 1987 novel “Misery”. Three years later and it got the cinematic treatment.  30 years later and it’s considered nothing short of a classic.  So on its 30 anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to look at 30 fun facts about Misery! … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Misery”

Castle Rock: “The Laughing Place” Review

As we approach the midpoint of Season 2, Castle Rock gave us another compelling episode, further explaining the backstory of one of its main characters. Last week, we learned more about Nadia and Pop, while barely featuring Annie Wilkes, and now, in the season’s longest (and possibly best) episode, the entire focus is on her tragic past, which led her to become the person she … Continue reading Castle Rock: “The Laughing Place” Review