“Cocaine Bear” – Equal Parts Gory, Hilarious, and Clever [Review]

Cocaine Bear!  That’s it.  That’s the title, that’s the review.  Those two words are enough that anyone who goes into this movie kind of knows exactly what they’re getting.  However, the most surprising thing about Cocaine Bear, is that it’s so much more than a “so dumb it’s fun” movie. “Based on True Events” Opening in 1985, we see a drug dealer drop several duffel … Continue reading “Cocaine Bear” – Equal Parts Gory, Hilarious, and Clever [Review]

“The Lair” – Movie Review

Science gone wrong remains a popular subgenre of both sci-fi and horror (often at their intersection) going all the way back to the monster movies of the 1950s.  In Shudder’s latest exclusive film The Lair, we see extra-terrestrial monster horror set against the backdrop of a war drama and the result is a decent action-horror movie that despite taking itself too seriously at times, ends … Continue reading “The Lair” – Movie Review

“Darkness Falls” 20 Years Later: The Killer Tooth Fairy Movie You Forgot Existed

If there’s one thing the horror genre is known for, it’s taking every single holiday, fairy tale, or beloved children’s icon and making it demented and terrifying.  We’ve had killer Santas, so in 2003 filmmakers tried to do the same with the tooth fairy and the result was Darkness Falls. Critics and audiences didn’t warm up to it at the time, and in the years … Continue reading “Darkness Falls” 20 Years Later: The Killer Tooth Fairy Movie You Forgot Existed

20 Fun Facts About “Bubba Ho-Tep”

There’s a charm and joy to B-movie horror that you don’t quite get with other genres.  It’s low budget, it’s campy, but it’s all done intentionally so and you can really tell that the people making it had a blast doing so. One movie that perfectly encapsulates all it means to be a B-movie is 2002’s Bubba Ho-Tep.  Written and Directed by Don Coscarelli (Phantasm), … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Bubba Ho-Tep”

Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie

Spanning 30 years, 7 movies, 3 centuries of setting, and 1 badass hero throughout, the Tremors franchise is one unlike any other.  Part Western/Action, part B-Movie Monster Horror, it’s a series that’s never taken itself too seriously and always managed to be fun. So with the release of Shrieker Island, which seems to be something of a finale for the franchise, we thought it would … Continue reading Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie

“Tremors: Shrieker Island” – Movie Review

30 years, 7 movies, 3 species, and 1 badass hero throughout, Tremors has been a franchise unlike any other.  The series returned just in time for Halloween with a seventh (and possible final) installment, Tremors: Shrieker Island. Don Michael Paul, who previously directed the fifth and sixth movies returns, along with Michael Gross’ Burt Gummer to give us another fun adventure, this time with a … Continue reading “Tremors: Shrieker Island” – Movie Review