“Castle Freak” (2020) – Movie Review

Remaking a beloved cult classic is no easy task.  But the latest reboot of Castle Freak (produced by the star of the original Barbara Crampton) takes a stab and winds up pulling off a really fun and incredibly disturbing adaptation of an old H.P. Lovecraft story.  It’s bold in its ambitions, but seems to pay off, for the most part. Changing the Story Up One … Continue reading “Castle Freak” (2020) – Movie Review

25 Fun Facts About “Castle Freak”

A couple in a strained marriage with a blind daughter discovers that they’ve inherited a castle in Italy which is a home to a mutated relative they didn’t know existed…what could go wrong? For those who enjoy cult horror, and those who watched the first season of Shudder’s The Last Drive in with Joe Bob Briggs know just how bizarre 1995’s Castle Freak is.  Few … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “Castle Freak”

“The Shed” – Movie Review

Adolescence can truly be a horrifying time, as we all know, having gone through it ourselves. The Shed takes all of the frustrations and externalizes them into monster horror. Real World Problems Living with his strict grandfather, Stan’s home life is far from ideal. He doesn’t quite fit in with school, and often finds himself at odds with a trio of bullies, who constantly pick … Continue reading “The Shed” – Movie Review

“Hogzilla” – Movie Review

1000 pounds in size, 13 years in the making, and 1 beloved horror host in the flesh, Hogzilla’s journey from production to world premiere on The Last Drive In is nothing short of amazing. It resulted in one of the most fun episodes of the series, with Joe Bob Briggs seemingly irritated, but we all know that deep down he enjoyed it! Why We Love … Continue reading “Hogzilla” – Movie Review

“Monstrum” – Movie Review

If you’ve ever wondered what Korean historical drama blended with B-movie monster horror looked like, Shudder’s new original film Monstrum is just what you’ve been looking for! Does it end up taking itself seriously as a historical piece, or does it go full Troma with the intentionally campy monster design? Let’s go back in time and find out! (Somewhat) Based on a True Story Set … Continue reading “Monstrum” – Movie Review

“Penance Lane” – Movie Review

Reuniting several key players from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, Penance Lane tells a story of a recently-released convict, who seeks out a house with hidden money, as instructed by his cellmate. What he finds however, in this small rural town, is a dark, disturbing secret, as well as his own redemption, when he finds innocent people worth protecting. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned Hostel … Continue reading “Penance Lane” – Movie Review

Recommendations From Shudder’s Hotline – Week 2

Another week, another hotline call, another list of 4 awesome horror movies! As we all try to stay busy in quarantine, Shudder just continued their Halfway to Halloween Hotline for its second week (2 more to go), and they didn’t disappoint! Every Friday in April (from 3-4pm EST), you call the hotline number, speak directly with one of their curators, discuss what your preferences are, … Continue reading Recommendations From Shudder’s Hotline – Week 2

Into the Dark: “Pooka Lives!” Review

As we’re all hunkered down in quarantine, Hulu’s Into the Dark saw fit to resurrect their creepiest character for this year’s Easter episode. After Pooka drove us all to madness in Christmas 2018, he’s back to bring Easter cheer and terror in “Pooka Lives!” The Return of Our Favorite Villain The film begins with the tragic and disturbing backstory of Pooka’s creator, thus cementing the … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Pooka Lives!” Review

The Outsider: “Must/Can’t” Review

Following a season of highs and lows, The Outsider finally came to an end tonight, and delivered exactly what we should have expected from a Stephen King adaptation. Some fans will be outraged and irritated, while others will praise its subtle brilliance.  Either way, it will get a reaction. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned That Escalated Quickly Following the cliffhanger from last week, we … Continue reading The Outsider: “Must/Can’t” Review

The Outsider: “Tigers and Bears” Review

Following an episode that really picked up the pace of a somewhat slow season, The Outsider’s penultimate episode held absolutely nothing back.  Not only did it help set up for a tense climax, but it teased us what one of the best cliffhangers of the season! Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!! After we saw El Cuco attempt to replicate its brutal M.O. last week, … Continue reading The Outsider: “Tigers and Bears” Review