Why “Mother’s Day” (2010) is an Underrated Masterpiece

Initially the plan was to do an in depth comparison of the 1980 version of Mother’s Day with its 2010 remake. However, after re-watching both in preparation, it became quite clear that the 2010 was superior in almost every way. Instead, I’ve decided to shine a light on the 2010 Mother’s Day, which didn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. So let’s celebrate our mothers … Continue reading Why “Mother’s Day” (2010) is an Underrated Masterpiece

Into the Dark: “Delivered” Review

Just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, Hulu’s Into the Dark released its latest episode, demonstrating just how frightening motherhood can be. Despite being a bit derivative of a famous Stephen King story, “Delivered” is creepy, emotional, compelling, and probably the best installment of this Hulu series in well over a year! Camaraderie in Motherhood The story begins with Valerie and Tom, attending Lamaze classes … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Delivered” Review