15 Fun Facts About “Vacancy”

We’ve all heard the rumors and urban legends about that infamous motel in the middle of nowhere that people get murdered in.  2007’s Vacancy took that concept and ran with it, resulting in a genuinely tense and thrilling survival horror movie. Released amidst a sea of ultra-gory torture porn, slasher remakes, and American remakes of Asian horror films, Vacancy was largely overlooked and has sadly … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “Vacancy”

What’s the Best Movie About Lizzie Borden?

One of the most infamous murder cases in American History, Lizzie Borden has since become something of a legend. Her (alleged) gruesome crime was only the second time in history that photographs of the crime scene were taken for forensic purposes (the first being Jack the Ripper’s crime scenes in London). We all know the grimly catchy nursery rhyme “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax”, but … Continue reading What’s the Best Movie About Lizzie Borden?

40 Fun Facts About “Friday the 13th”

Jason Vorhees may not have quite been first, but he’s still one of the most iconic horror villains in history. Even non-horror fans recognized his hockey mask and machete. Jason even famously has the highest kill count of any slasher villain, even more than Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. But long before he was an enduring symbol of the slasher genre, it all began with … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About “Friday the 13th”

“The Amityville Horror” 1979 vs. 2005

The infamous house on Long Island remains the most well-known “haunted” house in America, and for good reason. The tragic 1974 murders would forever cement the dark mark on the property. But the subsequent book and film adaption would cement it in the cultural zeitgeist of America for decades to come. However, as always, Hollywood’s obsession with remakes took over, and in 2005, remake of … Continue reading “The Amityville Horror” 1979 vs. 2005

20 Brutal Facts About “American Psycho”

Long before he was Batman, or getting Academy recognition for playing boxer’s brothers, and vice presidents, Christian Bale was terrifying audiences with his portrayal of the incredibly sadistic and cruel Patrick Bateman! American Psycho may be extremely violent, sinister, and not for the faint of heart. But within it are sharp social/political criticisms, and an incredibly dark, satirical sense of humor. So in honor of … Continue reading 20 Brutal Facts About “American Psycho”

“We Summon the Darkness” – Movie Review

There’s been a recent trend in horror films based around the infamous “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s (House of the Devil, The Babysitter, Satanic Panic), but We Summon the Darkness takes a unique approach unlike the rest. What starts as typical heavy metal horror becomes something else entirely. Just Another 80’s Movie? The film opens with Alexis (Alexandra Daddario), Val (Maddie Hasson), and Bev (Amy … Continue reading “We Summon the Darkness” – Movie Review

The Outsider: “Must/Can’t” Review

Following a season of highs and lows, The Outsider finally came to an end tonight, and delivered exactly what we should have expected from a Stephen King adaptation. Some fans will be outraged and irritated, while others will praise its subtle brilliance.  Either way, it will get a reaction. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned That Escalated Quickly Following the cliffhanger from last week, we … Continue reading The Outsider: “Must/Can’t” Review

The Outsider: “The One About the Yiddish Vampire” Review

In a season that’s admittedly been moving slower the last few episodes, “The One About the Yiddish Vampire” picked up the pace a little. It still contains more set up than payoff, but everything seems to be moving into the direction it needs to. Chasing the Boogeyman Following her frightening encounter with the mysterious figure, Jeannie reaches out to Glory Maitland, and her daughters, as … Continue reading The Outsider: “The One About the Yiddish Vampire” Review

Into the Dark: “My Valentine” Review

Another month, another holiday, another installments of Hulu’s horror anthology Into the Dark! “My Valentine” doesn’t deal with Valentine’s Day directly, but it analyzes a common issue among relationships and runs with it to a horrifying extreme, all while jamming in the meantime. Not Your Typical Concert The film opens with a performance by Valentine (Britt Baron) at a local club. All seems to be … Continue reading Into the Dark: “My Valentine” Review

The Outsider: “Dark Uncle” Review

After an explosive and intense series premiere, The Outsider took a step back this week to get its bearings and set up what is to come.  By no means was this a bad thing, but there’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get started. Wave of Mysteries Following the discovery in the abandoned barn, the police department follow up, gathering further evidence and adding to … Continue reading The Outsider: “Dark Uncle” Review