“Mad God” – Movie Review

More than 30 years in the making, Phil Tippett’s surreal, arthouse dystopia Mad God is finally available on Shudder, and it’s every bit as bizarre and compelling as promised! Long Time Coming Special effects legend Phil Tippett (original Star Wars Trilogy, Robocop series, Jurassic Park, Twilight franchise) first began production of his stop-motion experimental film back in 1987.  It was largely a side project which … Continue reading “Mad God” – Movie Review

15 Fun Facts About “The Corpse Bride”

2005 was quite the year for Tim Burton as he had not one, but two major releases.  Only two months after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton released a grimly delightful musical about love, loss, and death. The Corpse Bride remains a fun gem in his filmography and today it celebrates its 15th anniversary.  So in honor of that, here are 15 fun facts about … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “The Corpse Bride”

What’s the Best Way to Introduce Your Kids to Horror?

For most horror fans, their love of the genre started when they were quite young. Whether it was children centered Halloween specials, or catching glimpses of “R” Rated films they shouldn’t have seen, fans of the genre had their interest sparked early on. And as these fans grew up and started having children of their own, they of course wanted to share their love of … Continue reading What’s the Best Way to Introduce Your Kids to Horror?