10 Awesome Vacation Horror Movies

Summer is a time we all associate with baseball games, swimming pools, summer camps, no school, and just vacation itself.  And horror has always been associated with “ruining” everyday things by making them terrifying and the same is true for summer and vacations. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of these horror films that have definitely made us … Continue reading 10 Awesome Vacation Horror Movies

Top 5 Shark Movies (Other Than “Jaws”)

Sharks are one of, if not the oldest predator that remains unchanged from 100 million years of evolution.  Even predating many dinosaurs, the megalodon roamed the oceans decimating anything that got in its way. Given that this largely prehistoric creature still exists today, it’s no surprise that humans have a fascination with modern day sharks.  Between the unfortunately sensationalizing of real life shark attacks, as … Continue reading Top 5 Shark Movies (Other Than “Jaws”)