25 Fun Facts About “Anaconda”

The 90s were something of a renaissance for big budget creature features and disaster movies.  When it comes to the former, few are as iconic as 1997’s Anaconda.  It wasn’t exactly an Oscar movie, but it’s certainly gained a cult following over the years of fans who appreciate how campy it is.  So in honor of its 25th anniversary, we thought it would be fun … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “Anaconda”

Loki: “The Variant” Review

Following the premiere episode of everyone’s favorite god of mischief, the second episode of Loki took things a little further and ended on quite the cliffhanger… Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned Silence of the Lokis Opening at a Renaissance Faire in 1985, TVA agents are ambushed once again by the rogue variant, this time taking a hostage.  Mobius, Loki, and a team are dispatched.  … Continue reading Loki: “The Variant” Review