Why 2022 Has Been Such a Great Year for Horror Movies

There is no denying that 2022 has thus far been an amazing year for the horror genre and its fans.  This year has seen a wave of popular franchises returning like Halloween Ends, Texas Chainsaw, Chucky Season 2, Hulu’s Hellraiser, Scream (2022), Terrifier 2, Orphan First Kill, Prey, among others.  As well as a slew of popular non-franchise films like Nope, Black Phone, Fresh, Barbarian, … Continue reading Why 2022 Has Been Such a Great Year for Horror Movies

“Dashcam” – Movie Review

While the world remained in indefinite lockdown during the first half of 2020, British writer/director Rob Savage took the anxieties and uncertainties we all felt and turned it into an award winning 50 minute film called Host.  Shot entirely over Zoom during the first wave of quarantine, Host perfectly captured what it felt like during that time, while also delivering a legitimately creepy supernatural thriller. … Continue reading “Dashcam” – Movie Review

“The Sadness” – Movie Review

For reasons that should be obvious to all, it’s been one hell of a time these last two years since March 2020.  Filled with high highs and incredibly low lows, the world will never truly be the same again.  In many ways, Shudder’s latest original film from Taiwan, The Sadness is the perfect anthem for the last two year.  It’s one part “zombie” movie, one … Continue reading “The Sadness” – Movie Review

The Stand: “The End” Review

“The Stand” infamously remains Stephen King’s longest novel and adapting it is no easy task.  Mick Garris valiantly attempted a four part TV miniseries back in 1994, and the for the most part, it was very successful and well made (for its time). A modern” retelling isn’t a bad idea in theory, but it could very easily go wrong.  So how does CBS All Access’ … Continue reading The Stand: “The End” Review

How “Hubie Halloween” Became the Perfect Comfort Food Movie of 2020

If you haven’t been able to scroll through social media in the last week without seeing some sort of post about Hubie Halloween, you’re not alone.  Adam Sandler’s latest “Netflix Blockbuster” was just released on their platform on October 7th, and it’s quickly making its rounds. While Netflix doesn’t typically release their ratings information, just from the social media trends alone, it’s quite clear that … Continue reading How “Hubie Halloween” Became the Perfect Comfort Food Movie of 2020

How the Global Pandemic will Change Horror

It’s hard to believe that things like stay at home orders, social distancing, and wearing masks in public have been the new normal for nearly six months.  For many horror fans, as well as all movie fans, this was an opportunity to catch up on watching movies that had been on our lists forever. And while the world slowly returns to normalcy (or at least … Continue reading How the Global Pandemic will Change Horror

“Host” – Movie Review

While the world dealt with the complete lockdown in the early months of the global pandemic, Shudder thought that adding a little demonic horror to the mix would spice things up, and they weren’t wrong. The result is Host, a film shot entirely over Zoom, and one which achieves maximum scares and impressive technical achievements, with minimal resources. What Else Is There To Do? Amidst … Continue reading “Host” – Movie Review

10 Horror Movie Themed April Fools’ Pranks

Pranks can be fun any time of year, but on April 1 every year, we’re encouraged to go all out (within reason). So as we all try to pass the time in quarantine, here are 10 horror inspired pranks to do this April Fools’ Day. Fear and laughter so often go hand-in-hand (as demonstrated perfectly by the filmography of Sam Raimi), so we thought this … Continue reading 10 Horror Movie Themed April Fools’ Pranks

“Last Man on Earth” vs. “Omega Man” vs. “I Am Legend”

One source novel, three very different adaptations (four if you count the mockbuster). Richard Matheson’s classic novel “I Am Legend” would go on to inspire the entire post-apocalyptic subgenre for decades to come, and there’s a reason the story kept getting adapted. Now with pandemic-related fears and anxieties all around the world, many are turning to films like these as a form of ironic escapism, … Continue reading “Last Man on Earth” vs. “Omega Man” vs. “I Am Legend”

Ranking Pandemic Horror Movies From Least to Most Realistic

With the whole world in a state of quarantine-induced anxiety, many are turning to watching movies about pandemics as a source of catharsis. Horror films in particular have always done a great job of taking that which we fear, and running with it to its most extreme point. Because of this, there is no shortage of films dealing with viral outbreaks and pandemics that people … Continue reading Ranking Pandemic Horror Movies From Least to Most Realistic