How Horror Changed Over Time

For many nonfans, it’s easy to write off horror as being either cheap or poor in quality. And while there’s no shortage of terrible horror films to complain about, there is also a level of brilliance, which is often overlooked. The simple fact is the horror genre is much smarter than it gets credit for. Over the years, the necessary tools to elicit a frightened … Continue reading How Horror Changed Over Time

“Insidious” vs. “Sinister” vs. “The Conjuring”

The 2010’s saw a shift in horror as far as popular trends go. Ultra-violent “torture porn” like Saw and Hostel had dominated the 2000’s, but as the 2010’s dawned demonic/paranormal horror movies became the popular norm. One could argue it began with Paranormal Activity in 2009. And while it was definitely a paranormal film (it’s even in the title), it was a bigger inspiration in … Continue reading “Insidious” vs. “Sinister” vs. “The Conjuring”

“Behind You” – Movie Review

Mirrors have long held relevance in the realm of horror and all things scary. Some have seen them as portals to other worlds, while others see them as reflection of the soul itself. Vampires can’t see themselves in them (allegedly due to mirrors once being made from silver), and ghosts like Bloody Mary seem to have knack for appearing in them, if you believe such … Continue reading “Behind You” – Movie Review

“DeadTectives” – Movie Review

2018, Directed by Tony West, Bad Idea/Shudder, 92 minutes Who else is tired of every single channel having its own paranormal reality show?!  When Ghost Hunters first debuted back in 2004, it was something of a novelty.  But in the age of amateur digital filmmaking and viral internet videos, we’ve seen far too many self-righteous/self-proclaimed “paranormal experts” attempt to show us proof of supernatural activity, … Continue reading “DeadTectives” – Movie Review

“Annabelle Comes Home” Movie Review

2019, R, Directed by Gary Dauberman, Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema, 106 minutes Nobody ever expected something as simple as the Annabelle doll would be getting an entire trilogy of films, but here we are.  Initially, it seemed like nothing more than desperate cash grab by Warner Brothers, which was still completely true. But in a strange turn of events, each entry in the spinoff series … Continue reading “Annabelle Comes Home” Movie Review

The Disturbing “True” Stories Surrounding the Real Annabelle Doll

Definitely one of the most lasting images of the Conjuring franchise, Annabelle, the cursed doll, has become something of a pop culture icon.  So much so that there are as many movies about Annabelle as there are actual Conjuring films.  Despite all three entries in this trilogy being complete works of fiction, the real history and stories surrounding Annabelle, are arguably far more terrifying. The … Continue reading The Disturbing “True” Stories Surrounding the Real Annabelle Doll