“An Unquiet Grave” – Movie Review

How far would you go to get back someone you love?  Would you lie, manipulate, and even take someone else’s life to do it?  Shudder’s latest original film An Unquiet Grave explores these ideas, all while playing out almost like a one act play. Sometimes, Dead is Better Featuring only two actors, and a minimum amount of locations, An Unquiet Grave does a lot with … Continue reading “An Unquiet Grave” – Movie Review

Top 10 Stephen King Cameos

He remains the Master of Horror, as well as the most financially successful American author in history.  But for many horror fans, Stephen King is just as famous for the film adaptations of his countless novels, novellas and short stories. But as brilliant a writer as Stephen King is, his many small roles and cameo appearances have taken on a life of their own.  In … Continue reading Top 10 Stephen King Cameos

Pet Semetary 1989 vs. 2019

Between It, Doctor Sleep, the upcoming Stand reboot, Mr. Mercedes, and The Outsider, we seem to be a new renaissance of Stephen King adaptations. In particular, rebooting old “campy” adaptations from decades past into modern, scarier versions. While It got all of the attention over the last few years, there’s another iconic book of his, which got the same cinematic treatment, but not the same … Continue reading Pet Semetary 1989 vs. 2019