Ranking Every “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Movie

Arguably the first true slasher (or at least in the running for it), the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was truly unlike anything audiences had ever seen before.  Much like Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Freddy Krueger, Leatherface has become a cultural icon due to the longevity of his franchise.  So with the recent release of the new “requel”, and all the internet debate that’s followed, … Continue reading Ranking Every “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Movie

Ranking Every “Halloween” Movie (Including “Halloween Kills”)

Tis the season for tall white masked killers who vaguely resemble William Shatner to terrorize a small town in Illinois!  Even with a dual release in theaters and on streaming, Halloween Kills’ box office performance proved that this franchise is very much alive and well, and that fans will always be craving more Michael Myers. So in honor of the new entry, as well as … Continue reading Ranking Every “Halloween” Movie (Including “Halloween Kills”)

Ranking Every Episode of Shudder’s “Creepshow”

Arguably Shudder’s most anticipated piece of original content, their TV reboot of Creepshow delighted old and new horror fans alike.  With another batch of scary stories to go with the original film series (as well as the comics), it did an excellent job of paying respect to its source material, while also giving us a much needed dose of nostalgic B-movie horror. And while the … Continue reading Ranking Every Episode of Shudder’s “Creepshow”