Ranking Every “Scream” Movie (including “Scream VI”)

Every few years, Scream serves as a meta commentary on the state of horror.  Scream tackled slashers, Scream 2 did sequels, Scream 3 analyzed trilogies, Scream 4 roasted remakes, Scream 5 satirized requels, and now Scream VI is here to…well it’s here to do something.  With its recent release, we wanted to look back on the franchise as a whole and update our rankings of … Continue reading Ranking Every “Scream” Movie (including “Scream VI”)

Ranking Every “Saw” Movie

Like everything else, the film industry has been greatly affected by this current pandemic and subsequent quarantine.  The result has been countless movies having their release dates postponed.  This has also included the upcoming Saw sequel/spinoff Spiral: From the Book of Saw. It was originally due out in May, but now who knows when we’ll get to see it.  However, this didn’t stop me from … Continue reading Ranking Every “Saw” Movie