Servant: “Zoo” Review

Leanne continues to shock and terrify the Turners and even more revelations are made, all while the most awkward birthday party goes on with a petting zoo, all on the latest episode of Servant! Since Dorothy was in the hospital/physical rehab for Jericho’s birthday, Leanne randomly decides to throw one now, with very little notice, and thus none of Dorothy’s actual friends are there.  The … Continue reading Servant: “Zoo” Review

Servant: “Boo” Review

This week on Servant, it’s Halloween in Philadelphia and while Julian deals with pranksters, Dorothy yearns to be outside, and Sean spends quality time with Jericho, Leanne is going down a dark rabbit hole that’s both disturbing and (maybe) unintentionally hilarious.  Plus if you’re a horror fan (which if you’re on this site, we assume you are), you’ll dig this episode’s entire aesthetic. Devil’s Night … Continue reading Servant: “Boo” Review

“Knock at the Cabin” – A Tense and Emotional Shyamalan Thriller [Review]

After having a career and incredibly high highs and depressingly low lows, M. Night Shyamalan seems to be moving full speed ahead.  Following his “comeback” with The Visit and Split, he’s been busy, cranking out a new suspense/thriller film every 2 years: Split in 2017, Glass in 2019, Old in 2021, and now he’s kicking off 2023 with another adaptation, Knock at the Cabin. Featuring … Continue reading “Knock at the Cabin” – A Tense and Emotional Shyamalan Thriller [Review]

Servant: “Espresso” Review

What’s weirder than Sean, Dorothy, and Julian holding an 18 year old hostage in the attic?  It turns out throwing Leanne’s Uncle George into the mix makes things far stranger than we could have possibly imagined… (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Sean’s New Toy Opening with a flashback shortly after Jericho was born, we see Sean opening up and putting together the giant espresso … Continue reading Servant: “Espresso” Review

Servant: “Boba” Review

After watching several of these characters question their own sanity, we the audience finally got to join in!  Servant’s latest episode, “Boba” gives us a much deeper look into Julian than we’ve ever gotten before, all while throwing us a very welcomed curveball. (Disturbing) Adventures in Babysitting The episode begins with a tension building long take on Julian, as he mentally prepares for a night … Continue reading Servant: “Boba” Review