Castle Rock: “Clean” Review (Spoilers)

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already reached the end of our second season.  What began as a mysterious drama based around the world of Stephen King has evolved into an explosive (literally) and tense second season that’s vastly superior to the first in many ways. We’ve seen beloved characters like Annie Wilkes get second chances to be redeemed in the eyes of audiences, as … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Clean” Review (Spoilers)

Castle Rock: “The Word” Review

After last week’s tense cliffhanger, Castle Rock does absolutely nothing to ease up the tension this week, as it brings about a much awaited payoff and new stakes (no pun intended) from a subplot that’s suddenly becoming the most interesting and compelling one. (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!!) Trip Back in Time Opening in what looks like a scene from The Crucible, we get … Continue reading Castle Rock: “The Word” Review

40 Fun Facts About “Salem’s Lot”

The Stephen King miniseries/TV movie has become something of a long-standing tradition over the last four decades.  While many of his classic horror novels have been given the cinematic treatment, some proved far too long for the silver screen, and instead were brought to life on the small screen, where they could be broken up into parts. This entire tradition began back in 1979 with … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About “Salem’s Lot”

Castle Rock: “Mother” Review

Following up what was arguably the best episode of all of Castle Rock, “Mother” had the daunting task of paying off the emotional setup we got in “The Laughing Place”, while also picking up Nadia and Abdi’s Merrill subplot, and also advancing the supernatural horror element which will most likely play a role later.  And if that sounds like a lot to cover, it very … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Mother” Review

Castle Rock: “Restore Hope” Review (Spoilers)

In a season that was heavily advertised as featuring Annie Wilkes, we got another episode in which she surprisingly gets barely any screen time.  However, what we get instead is an incredibly compelling revelation between Nadia and Pop that’s both compelling and shocking! (Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned!!!) Sins of the Past The episode opens with a flashback to war-torn Somalia in 1993.  Abdi and … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Restore Hope” Review (Spoilers)

Castle Rock: “Let The River Run”, “New Jerusalem”, “Ties That Bind” Review (Spoilers)

After a mysterious, compelling, and even trippy first season, Hulu brought us back into the Stephen King shared universe this week with another season premiere of Castle Rock.  While the first season had a few characters and references from King’s novels, the bulk of the main characters were original to the series. However this time, it seems that our main character is one of King’s … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Let The River Run”, “New Jerusalem”, “Ties That Bind” Review (Spoilers)