Revealer – Movie Review

What happens when you cross religious extremism, the 80s Satanic Panic, and an actual apocalyptic event?  The result is the latest Shudder Original film Revealer!  One part dark comedy, one part demonic horror, and one part heartfelt character study, Revealer uses its limited budget and scope to its advantages to create a truly personal and isolated approach to a global terrifying event. The End of … Continue reading Revealer – Movie Review

15 Movies We’d Love to See on “The Last Drive In” Season 3

Fans of Joe Bob Briggs are celebrating at yesterday’s announcement that The Last Drive In will be getting a third season in 2021 (along with a summer special coming soon). The next season may still be 9+ months away, but it’s never too early to speculate. So we thought it would be fun to look at Shudder’s current inventory, and pick 15 movies that would … Continue reading 15 Movies We’d Love to See on “The Last Drive In” Season 3

“We Summon the Darkness” – Movie Review

There’s been a recent trend in horror films based around the infamous “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s (House of the Devil, The Babysitter, Satanic Panic), but We Summon the Darkness takes a unique approach unlike the rest. What starts as typical heavy metal horror becomes something else entirely. Just Another 80’s Movie? The film opens with Alexis (Alexandra Daddario), Val (Maddie Hasson), and Bev (Amy … Continue reading “We Summon the Darkness” – Movie Review

“The Babysitter” vs. “Satanic Panic”

Two similar premises of horror-comedies dealing with Satanist cults, two very different executions. Both The Babysitter and Satanic Panic approach their very dark subject matter with a sense of humor, and both are incredibly entertaining in their own ways. But since comparing similar movies like this is simply irresistible to movie buffs, we thought it would be fun to compare the two! Spoilers Ahead for … Continue reading “The Babysitter” vs. “Satanic Panic”