Top 10 Creepy Movie Clowns

Long before Stephen King’s “It” was causing outrage among the professional clown community, there was always something inherently creepy about clowns. So much so that there was even a phobia (coulrophobia) named after it. Psychologists argue because their faces are concealed via makeup, there’s something disingenuous about them, which raises subconscious alarms. Thus, clowns have long since been a subject for horror films and many … Continue reading Top 10 Creepy Movie Clowns

“Insidious” vs. “Sinister” vs. “The Conjuring”

The 2010’s saw a shift in horror as far as popular trends go. Ultra-violent “torture porn” like Saw and Hostel had dominated the 2000’s, but as the 2010’s dawned demonic/paranormal horror movies became the popular norm. One could argue it began with Paranormal Activity in 2009. And while it was definitely a paranormal film (it’s even in the title), it was a bigger inspiration in … Continue reading “Insidious” vs. “Sinister” vs. “The Conjuring”

Recommendations from Shudder’s Hotline – Week 3

Another week, another hotline call, another list of 4 awesome horror movies! As we all try to stay busy in quarantine, Shudder just continued their Halfway to Halloween Hotline for its third week (only 1 more to go), and they didn’t disappoint! Every Friday in April (from 3-4pm EST), you call the hotline number, speak directly with one of their curators, discuss what your preferences … Continue reading Recommendations from Shudder’s Hotline – Week 3

The Definitive “First” Slasher Movie

For years, the slasher subgenre has been a staple of horror itself. It’s often the first type of film that pops into someone’s head when the word “horror” is even uttered.  And yet no one can seem to agree on what the first slasher movie truly was. Different people use different criteria, and usually it comes down to 6 main contenders.  So we thought it … Continue reading The Definitive “First” Slasher Movie