25 Fun Facts About “Alien Resurrection”

The Alien franchise is one that has seen incredibly high highs (like Alien and Aliens), and incredibly low lows (like AVP: Requiem and Alien Covenant).  But one entry that’s often caught somewhere in the middle of being praised and hated is 1997’s Alien Resurrection. While most fans agree that Alien 3 and Resurrection weren’t on par with the first two, these movies have many defenders … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “Alien Resurrection”

Why “They Live” Remains So Relevant Today

John Carpenter’s 1988 classic They Live was very much a product of its time.  With media like Stranger Things, The Goldbergs and every single slasher requel, it’s easy to look back on the 1980’s with nostalgia. But for every rose-tinted viewpoint, there’s a darker side underneath, and John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror/action film touched upon that perfectly.  But what’s even more fascinating is that They Live has … Continue reading Why “They Live” Remains So Relevant Today

40 Fun Facts About John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

Severely underappreciated in its time but regarded as a classic years later, John Carpenter’s The Thing is arguably one of the greatest horror films of all time.  Between its stellar practical effects and creature design, and incredibly tense atmosphere of paranoia and suspense, it’s easy to see why it’s had such lasting power. Since it didn’t get the fanfare it deserved upon initial release, we … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

“Prometheus” 10 Years Later – Was It Really That Bad?

After a duo of poorly received sequels, it seemed that the Alien franchise was dead, save for a two spinoff crossovers with Predator.  Then in 2012, the xenomorph’s original creator Ridley Scott returned for a prequel that promised to bring prestige, and qualify back to a series that had long been suffering. Prometheus delivered exactly what Scott set out to do, a deeply philosophical sci-fi/horror … Continue reading “Prometheus” 10 Years Later – Was It Really That Bad?

30 Fun Facts About “Alien 3”

The Alien franchise remains among the most iconic in all of sci-fi and horror.  However, things started to go downhill for the series after the very poorly received Alien 3 in 1992.  So in honor of its 30th anniversary, we wanted to take a look back at this arguably misunderstood movie that was ruined not by its creators, but by studio suits.  Here are 30 … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Alien 3”

“The Seed” – Movie Review

If there’s anything we’ve learned from sci-fi movies, it’s to never mess with anything that falls out of the sky.  Shudder’s latest original movie, The Seed, takes a more comedic and intentionally campy approach to this subject matter.  And the result is very much a mixed bag… Weekend Getaway We begin with three friends, Charlotte, Deidre, and Heather as they stay in a secluded house … Continue reading “The Seed” – Movie Review

35 Fun Facts About “Re-Animator”

Mad scientists have long been a staple of sci-fi/horror going back decades.  But none are as unapologetic or charismatic as Herbert West.  Re-Animator remains the perfect blend of fun B-movie camp with science gone wrong. There’s a reason that it remains a cult favorite 35 years later.  So in honor of its anniversary today, we thought it would be fitting to look at 35 fun … Continue reading 35 Fun Facts About “Re-Animator”

Recommendations From the Shudder Hotline Week 1 (Oct 2020)

It’s October again, which means (other than it being the best month of the year) the Shudder Hotline is back!  Every Friday this month from 3-4pm ET (12-3pm PT) horror fans can call the hotline number and speak directly with Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman for personalized movie recommendations. It’s a truly unique service unlike anything offered by every other streaming service.  So just like we … Continue reading Recommendations From the Shudder Hotline Week 1 (Oct 2020)