Ranking Every Ghostface Killer from “Scream”

Ghostface has always been one of the most unique slasher villains in he’s not really a single character the way that Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, or Freddy Krueger are.  Ghostface is more a mantle that people take up, and each Scream film serves as a whodunnit to figure out who it is this time donning the mask and cloak. Likewise, because Ghostface is always an … Continue reading Ranking Every Ghostface Killer from “Scream”

Ranking Every “Scream” Movie (including “Scream VI”)

Every few years, Scream serves as a meta commentary on the state of horror.  Scream tackled slashers, Scream 2 did sequels, Scream 3 analyzed trilogies, Scream 4 roasted remakes, Scream 5 satirized requels, and now Scream VI is here to…well it’s here to do something.  With its recent release, we wanted to look back on the franchise as a whole and update our rankings of … Continue reading Ranking Every “Scream” Movie (including “Scream VI”)

“Scream VI” – A Violently Fun Slasher That Lacks The Depth of its Predecessors [Review]

As “requels” began to dominate not just horror, but film itself, Scream 5 (or just “Scream” as it was titled) held a meta funhouse mirror up to that very idea and did something creative and fun.  Last year, it took the world by storm, and given its massive success and acclaim, the Hollywood machine simply couldn’t help itself. The result is another sequel, released barely … Continue reading “Scream VI” – A Violently Fun Slasher That Lacks The Depth of its Predecessors [Review]

How “Scream” Changed Horror Forever

Every decade or so, a new horror film comes along that has such an impact that it shifts the direction of the genre at least for a while.  While it’s usually the result of studios and creators trying to capture the magic of what worked by imitating it, there’s no denying its impact on the genre as a whole. In 1978, Halloween created a slasher … Continue reading How “Scream” Changed Horror Forever

“Scream 6” Shows off NYC Setting in First Teaser Trailer

With less than 3 months to go, Paramount finally stopped teasing horror fans and dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming Scream VI (or “SreaVI” according to the title card).  And while we only get a minute of new footage, there’s a lot to unpack and a lot to be excited for! New Movie, New CityThe teaser opens with establishing shots of New York City, … Continue reading “Scream 6” Shows off NYC Setting in First Teaser Trailer