“A Wounded Fawn” – Movie Review

With any new relationship, there’s often a fear and concern as you’re getting to know the other person.  You never know if they might turn out to be a complete jerk, a total creep, or even something much worse; like a serial killer.  Shudder’s latest original film, A Wounded Fawn takes this idea and spins it on its head with a surreal twist! (Spoilers Ahead … Continue reading “A Wounded Fawn” – Movie Review

20 Fun Facts About “Red Dragon”

Winner of the Big 5 at the Oscars (Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, and Actress), Silence of the Lambs remains one of the most iconic horror films of all time.  Not only did it achieve Academy recognition (which never happens), but the American Film Institute ranked Hannibal Lector as the #1 movie villain of all time. However, that movie (and book) was not the first … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Red Dragon”

15 Cryptic Facts About “Zodiac”

Known for this dark and poetic thrillers David Fincher certainly has a style of his own.  And it’s a style so iconic that even recent superhero movies seem to be taking a page from his book.  Many will debate which of his movies is best, and honestly a case could be made for all of them.  But one that often stands out as his masterpiece … Continue reading 15 Cryptic Facts About “Zodiac”

Dexter: New Blood – “Storm of F*ck” Review

After learning the hard way that Dexter’s dark passenger will never be too far from him.  The second episode of Dexter: New Blood sees our favorite serial killer covering his tracks amidst a town wide search, as well as atone for his mistakes as a father. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned New Secrets Following Dexter’s oh so satisfying disposal of Matt Caldwell, the entire … Continue reading Dexter: New Blood – “Storm of F*ck” Review

In Defense of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” Movies

There are few slasher films (or just overall horror films) more beloved than 1978’s Halloween.  Not only did it inspire the massive slasher boom of the 1980’s, but on its own, it’s a brilliant exercise in fear, tension, and suspense. And while it managed to spawn an entire an entire franchise of sequels, spinoffs, and remakes, not all of the following films are loved equally.  … Continue reading In Defense of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” Movies

25 Gritty Facts About “Se7en”

There’s something inherently frightening, but fascinating about serial killers.  For some reason people seem drawn to stories about them, sometimes even to unhealthy levels of obsession. So it’s no surprise that movies like Se7en gain critical acclaim.  Among many critics there’s a snobby bias against horror films, so movies like this often get called thrillers, but make no mistake, Se7en is definitely a horror film. … Continue reading 25 Gritty Facts About “Se7en”

“Random Acts of Violence” – Movie Review

For decades gory violence has been the bread and butter for many horror films (particularly slashers), much to the dismay of those who argue that it inspires real violence. Whether it was Tipper Gore’s anti-horror campaign in the 80’s to modern day condemnations of violent video games causing real life school violence, it’s an argument that is always around. The vast majority of horror fans … Continue reading “Random Acts of Violence” – Movie Review

20 Strange Facts About “The Cell”

The word strange doesn’t begin to describe the 2000 movie The Cell. Part Se7en/Silence of the Lambs gritty crime thriller and part The Matrix/Inception dreamlike, and it makes for a truly unique viewing experience. It’s always been very divisive among horror fans, some claiming that it’s artistically brilliant, and others arguing that it’s a whole lot of style with no actual substance. But the one … Continue reading 20 Strange Facts About “The Cell”

What Makes “Creep” So Unsettling

We often judge horror movies based on how scary they are, which admittedly is extremely subjective. But do we ever rate them based on how “unsettling” they were?   Scary is of course, the kind of fright that we feel in the moment, on the edge of our seats while watching. And unsettling is the type of dread that we feel long after watching. One such … Continue reading What Makes “Creep” So Unsettling

20 Brutal Facts About “American Psycho”

Long before he was Batman, or getting Academy recognition for playing boxer’s brothers, and vice presidents, Christian Bale was terrifying audiences with his portrayal of the incredibly sadistic and cruel Patrick Bateman! American Psycho may be extremely violent, sinister, and not for the faint of heart. But within it are sharp social/political criticisms, and an incredibly dark, satirical sense of humor. So in honor of … Continue reading 20 Brutal Facts About “American Psycho”