Servant: “Myth” Review

More revelations are made as the Turners solidify their position to try and uncover the secrets and confront Leanne once and for all on the latest episode of Servant! Digging into the Past Following Bev’s disturbing fate (which we’re told she survived), Julian is now sleeping next to someone that absolutely terrifies him.  And while he does the best he can to conceal his feelings, … Continue reading Servant: “Myth” Review

Servant: “Zoo” Review

Leanne continues to shock and terrify the Turners and even more revelations are made, all while the most awkward birthday party goes on with a petting zoo, all on the latest episode of Servant! Since Dorothy was in the hospital/physical rehab for Jericho’s birthday, Leanne randomly decides to throw one now, with very little notice, and thus none of Dorothy’s actual friends are there.  The … Continue reading Servant: “Zoo” Review

Servant: “Boo” Review

This week on Servant, it’s Halloween in Philadelphia and while Julian deals with pranksters, Dorothy yearns to be outside, and Sean spends quality time with Jericho, Leanne is going down a dark rabbit hole that’s both disturbing and (maybe) unintentionally hilarious.  Plus if you’re a horror fan (which if you’re on this site, we assume you are), you’ll dig this episode’s entire aesthetic. Devil’s Night … Continue reading Servant: “Boo” Review

Servant: “Seánce” Review

Things just keep getting weirder and more tense on Servant!  The latest episode introduces two new characters and takes things from eccentric and fun weird to downright disturbing pretty quickly… Live In Nurses Picking up where last week left off, the live-in nurses Dorothy hired Bev and Bobbie are just as hilariously strange and eccentric as you’d expect from this series.  They open with a … Continue reading Servant: “Seánce” Review

Servant: “Itch” Review

Dorothy is back home, tensions are high, and the figurative infestation turns literal.  All this and more happened on this week’s episode of Servant… Shared Misery After her terrible fall and months of rehab, Dorothy is finally back home, albeit completely bedridden.  And with Sean having an interview with GQ, it’s left to Leanne to care for Dorothy.  Given how the accident happened in the … Continue reading Servant: “Itch” Review

Servant: “Josephine” Review

The season-long tension-build finally came to an explosive conclusion on Servant.  The result was equal parts thrilling and poignant, and leaves the series in a rather interesting position moving forward into the third season (which was already renewed before Season 2 began). (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Aunt Josephine We’ve met the oddly eccentric Uncle George and Aunt May, but Leanne’s “Aunt” Josephine makes … Continue reading Servant: “Josephine” Review

Servant: “Loveshack” Review

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder on Servant, Uncle George is here to stay with rituals a plenty!  The latest episode delivers on quiet, subtle character moments in the first half and all out absurdity (in a good way) in the second half.  It takes us new places and ensures that things will never be the same again. (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been … Continue reading Servant: “Loveshack” Review

Servant: “Espresso” Review

What’s weirder than Sean, Dorothy, and Julian holding an 18 year old hostage in the attic?  It turns out throwing Leanne’s Uncle George into the mix makes things far stranger than we could have possibly imagined… (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Sean’s New Toy Opening with a flashback shortly after Jericho was born, we see Sean opening up and putting together the giant espresso … Continue reading Servant: “Espresso” Review

Servant: “2:00” Review

Last week’s episode, “Pizza” was fun and lighthearted with Sean and Dorothy creating a fake pizza restaurant to try and infiltrate a house they believed Leanna might be in. However it ended with on an absolutely dark and creepy note as Dorothy proved just how far she’s willing to go, and that continues in “2:00”.  This latest episode is without a doubt the most disturbing … Continue reading Servant: “2:00” Review

Servant: “Spaceman” Review

Still reeling from the disappearance of both Leanne and baby “Jericho”, Dorothy, Sean, and Julian all move past the initial shock and each try to do something about it, with varying degrees of success and skill. (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!!) 4 Days Lost After encountering Leanne on the night of the baptism party, Roscoe finally awakens in his car, disoriented, incredibly hungry, and … Continue reading Servant: “Spaceman” Review