Servant: “Fallen” Review

Dorothy having finally remembered what happened to Jericho is forced to come to terms with everything the past year has brought, while Leanne struggles to find her place in an ending that’s equal parts poignant and tragic.  All this and more on the series finale of Servant! (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned) Impossible Choice Following last week’s cliffhanger, Dorothy has a very difficult choice … Continue reading Servant: “Fallen” Review

Servant: “Pigeon” Review

Following a shocking cliffhanger ending (no pun intended), Servant returned this week with its Season 4 premiere.  For a series that was always an incredible slow burn, this episode jumps right in and goes further into horror/thriller than we’ve ever seen before! Philadelphia in Fall Picking up a few months after Dorothy’s bone-breaking fall, things at the Turner house seem great for Leanne.  She’s chipper … Continue reading Servant: “Pigeon” Review