15 Fun Facts About “Saw III”

For nearly a decade Saw remained a staple of Halloween, with a new movie being released every year at the end of October.  The series highpoint was arguably in its first two sequels, before the diminishing returns led to a 3D gimmick for this final entry (final at the time). Saw III was among that highpoint, and remains one of the better entries in the … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “Saw III”

Why “Saw” is the Most Unique Horror Franchise

There’s a common trend among many slasher franchises. They’ll begin with a horror classic that fans love to this day, and then the studio will pump out sequel after sequel, which will usually diminish in quality. And before you know, it leads to ridiculously laughable plots like Jason in space (Jason X), Michael Myers fighting a rapper on a reality web show (Halloween: Resurrection), and … Continue reading Why “Saw” is the Most Unique Horror Franchise