“Spoonful of Sugar” – A Surreal, Trippy Exercise in Dysfunctional Families [Review]

What happens when you take an extremely unstable young adult, add the world’s most dysfunctional parents, and throw in a little LSD just to spice things up?  The result is Shudder’s latest original movie Spoonful of Sugar.  Starring Morgan Saylor (Homeland), to call this movie “trippy” is something of an understatement.  Its narrative is about as fragmented as the characters’ sanity, and it’s very much … Continue reading “Spoonful of Sugar” – A Surreal, Trippy Exercise in Dysfunctional Families [Review]

“Skinamarink”: An Experimental Assault on the Senses [Review]

Critics will often describe a film as an “experience”.  And while that descriptor can very easily be overused, Skinamarink is perhaps the only movie upon which that term fits aptly. The latest Shudder original (released in theaters now and due out on the platform later this year) is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.  That said, it will inevitably be polarizing and you definitely have … Continue reading “Skinamarink”: An Experimental Assault on the Senses [Review]

“Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge” – Movie Review

Back in 2020, Shudder’s very meta horror comedy Scare Package took the streaming service by storm and flipped a lot of fun horror tropes and cliches on their heads.  It even debuted on an episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs with the titular host even showing up in the movie itself.  So with that kind of buzz, it was only natural … Continue reading “Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge” – Movie Review

“A Wounded Fawn” – Movie Review

With any new relationship, there’s often a fear and concern as you’re getting to know the other person.  You never know if they might turn out to be a complete jerk, a total creep, or even something much worse; like a serial killer.  Shudder’s latest original film, A Wounded Fawn takes this idea and spins it on its head with a surreal twist! (Spoilers Ahead … Continue reading “A Wounded Fawn” – Movie Review

Everything Coming to Shudder August 2022

Before summer symbolically ends with the beginning of September, Shudder has another awesome lineup to keep summer in full swing.  The horror streamer’s highlights for this August include new originals/exclusives, and a ton more great collections and horror content!  Here is the full lineup: Originals/Exclusives August 1 – Allegoria A group of artists’ inner demons become actual demons that they must do external battle with.  … Continue reading Everything Coming to Shudder August 2022

“On the 3rd Day” – Movie Review

If the entire world told you that someone you loved didn’t exist and acted like you were crazy for thinking so, would you just accept it or do everything you could to prove them wrong?  Shudder’s latest exclusive film On the 3rd Day touches upon this very issue.  It boasts creative and creepy visuals, with a mystery/thriller vibe that works most of the time… Amnesia … Continue reading “On the 3rd Day” – Movie Review

“The Long Night” – Movie Review

One part home invasion thriller, one part demonic horror, The Long Night is very much a mixed bag.  Shudder’s latest exclusive movie deals with some genuinely interesting ideas and has a lot going for it in premise, but its execution doesn’t always stick the landing.  Let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t… Weekend GetawayWe meet a young couple from New York, Grace … Continue reading “The Long Night” – Movie Review

“Mad God” – Movie Review

More than 30 years in the making, Phil Tippett’s surreal, arthouse dystopia Mad God is finally available on Shudder, and it’s every bit as bizarre and compelling as promised! Long Time Coming Special effects legend Phil Tippett (original Star Wars Trilogy, Robocop series, Jurassic Park, Twilight franchise) first began production of his stop-motion experimental film back in 1987.  It was largely a side project which … Continue reading “Mad God” – Movie Review

“A Banquet” – Movie Review

Horror has always been an avenue to take real world issues and extrapolate them into dark and supernatural territory.  It’s a genre that’s always been smarter than it gets credit for, and it’s one that has always reflected society as a whole. Shudder’s latest exclusive film, A Banquet, takes one such issue and runs with it into that territory.  Simple and direct in its approach, … Continue reading “A Banquet” – Movie Review

“The Found Footage Phenomenon” – Movie Review

One of the often-overlooked collections on Shudder is its “Diabolical Documentaries” lineup, which includes a myriad of great non-fiction deep dives into the genre that we all love.  Among them are Shudder originals like the critically acclaimed Cursed Films and Horror Noire. Shudder’s latest original film The Found Footage Phenomenon is a worthy addition to this collection.  Tracing the origin of the subgenre itself and … Continue reading “The Found Footage Phenomenon” – Movie Review