Top 10 Horror Movie Final Girls

When it comes to slasher films, the villains almost always become the iconic sigil of their respective franchises.  After all, they’re usually the ones returning sequel after sequel.  But in doing so, it’s easy to forget about the protagonists themselves, many of whom occupy the horror title of “final girl”. They’re (usually) the young women who manage to defeat the killer in the end, after … Continue reading Top 10 Horror Movie Final Girls

Neve Campbell Confirms She is NOT Returning for “Scream 6”

Well Scream 6 just got a whole lot less interesting.  Following the massive success that was Scream (2022), it was no surprise that Paramount couldn’t resist continuing a series that openly mocked requels and the countless new sequels that they spawn… After an official statement from the actress herself, Neve Campbell confirmed that she would not be reprising the role of Sidney Prescott: “Sadly I … Continue reading Neve Campbell Confirms She is NOT Returning for “Scream 6”

Scream (2022) – Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

In an age of cheap cash grab “requels” that are devoid of anything new or original (we’re looking at you Halloween 2018, Force Awakens, and Jurassic World), one meta series has returned for a post post-modern look at the genre.  Scream (2022) may be as un-originally titled as several other “requels” or “soft reboots”, but it is in no way like the rest. Return to … Continue reading Scream (2022) – Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

Who’s the Best Slasher Nemesis?

As slasher films continue to get sequel after sequel, it reaches a point that the villain is the only character we’re following through and connecting with film to film.  But that doesn’t stop them from being defeated each time, and quite often, the ones who defeat them become just as iconic as the slasher villains themselves. They’re sometimes referred to as the final girl, however … Continue reading Who’s the Best Slasher Nemesis?