“The Mean One” – So Bad It’s…Okay [Review]

As the world prepares to watched a childhood classic like Winnie the Pooh go full slasher next year, another beloved intellectual property is being given the horror treatment just in time for Christmas!  While The Mean One does star David Howard Thornton of Terrifier fame, this is a very different movie.  Severely limited by its budget, The Mean One strives where it can, but falters … Continue reading “The Mean One” – So Bad It’s…Okay [Review]

Chucky: “Chucky Actually” Review

Following an incredibly eventful and climactic exorcism and crossover of every character important to the franchise, no one knew how or where the season finale of Chucky would then take the story.  If last week’s episode was the climax, this was very much the epilogue to the season, which tied up loose ends, but also set things up for what comes next… Christmas Surprises Much … Continue reading Chucky: “Chucky Actually” Review

40 Fun Facts About “The House on Sorority Row”

Following the success of Halloween, the slasher subgenre saw a massive boom in the late 1970s/early 1980s.  Every holiday was getting its own slasher, as were summer camps, of course college campuses.  The entire slasher model was based around a killer killing off young people, so colleges seemed like the perfect place to set them. One such result was 1982’s House of Sorority Row.  A … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About “The House on Sorority Row”

Chucky: “Goin’ to the Chapel” Review

Last week’s episode left us all in shock with an emotional gut punch of a cliffhanger.  Nadine was a character that we didn’t know for very long, but there was a real humanity she added and Bella Higginbotham had an amazing ability to really stand out in a cast filled with very interesting and eccentric characters. As we mourn the loss of her character, this … Continue reading Chucky: “Goin’ to the Chapel” Review

Chucky: “He is Risen Indeed” Review

Last week’s episode “Doll on Doll” left us wondering if “Nice Chucky” was genuine, had Tiffany wondering about her mental state, and had Glen wondering about their past.  It also gave us a pretty massive revelation in the form of a cliffhanger, which this episode “He Is Risen Indeed” picks up and just runs with it! Shocking Revelations While episode cliffhangers have revealed that Andy … Continue reading Chucky: “He is Risen Indeed” Review

Why Chucky Remains the “Purest” Horror Franchise

If there’s one thing we can say about horror franchises and the killers that occupy them is that they have a tendency to go on and on.  This year alone we’ve had movies released featuring Leatherface, Ghostface, and Michael Myers, both of which have had their franchises running strong since the 1970s.  And with a “Crystal Lake” prequel on the horizon over on Peacock, it … Continue reading Why Chucky Remains the “Purest” Horror Franchise

Top 10 Horror Movie Final Girls

When it comes to slasher films, the villains almost always become the iconic sigil of their respective franchises.  After all, they’re usually the ones returning sequel after sequel.  But in doing so, it’s easy to forget about the protagonists themselves, many of whom occupy the horror title of “final girl”. They’re (usually) the young women who manage to defeat the killer in the end, after … Continue reading Top 10 Horror Movie Final Girls

Chucky “Doll on Doll” Review

Following an incredibly creative and meta episode that not only saw the return of Glen and Glenda, but also featured a Bound reunion and a very satisfying escape for Nica, this week’s episode of Chucky brought us back to the main storyline involving the kids back at the Catholic School.  And while last week’s episode felt very unusual in terms of plot and style, its … Continue reading Chucky “Doll on Doll” Review

“Terrifier 2”: The Little Indie Horror Movie That Could

Horror fans have watched headline after headline this month as Damien Leone’s gruesome slasher Terrifier 2 has continued to defy box office expectations.  Made for only $250,000, the film was only meant to play for a single weekend, but its success kept it going until (at time of writing) it’s now grossed over $8 million, something no one saw coming, unless you were a diehard … Continue reading “Terrifier 2”: The Little Indie Horror Movie That Could

Chucky: “Hail, Mary!” Review

After an episode that left us with an amusingly frustrating cliffhanger, this latest episode of Chucky not only delivered on paying off a subplot we haven’t seen since 2004, it also expanded on the franchise’s own mythology in a fascinating way. Switching Sides Following the capture of the scout Chucky that was sent to gather information on the three teenage protagonists, Jake, Devon, and Lexy … Continue reading Chucky: “Hail, Mary!” Review