Ranking Every “Prom Night” Movie

When it comes to slasher franchises, the Prom Night movies often get overlooked.  Partly because none of the films were as groundbreaking as something like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street.  Partly because, unlike most other slasher series, the Prom Night movies don’t follow the same killer movie after movie.  Technically neither does Scream, but it’s still the same costume and collective killer we refer … Continue reading Ranking Every “Prom Night” Movie

Scream (2022) – Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

In an age of cheap cash grab “requels” that are devoid of anything new or original (we’re looking at you Halloween 2018, Force Awakens, and Jurassic World), one meta series has returned for a post post-modern look at the genre.  Scream (2022) may be as un-originally titled as several other “requels” or “soft reboots”, but it is in no way like the rest. Return to … Continue reading Scream (2022) – Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

How Tobe Hooper Made the Perfect Horror Sequel with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”

Following up a genre-defining classic is no easy task, especially when that sequel is released 10+ years later.  But that’s exactly what Tobe Hooper did when he directed the sequel to his own slasher classic, and gave us all The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in 1986. In what very easily could have been another subpar sequel (that’s unfortunately very common), Hooper avoided falling into this … Continue reading How Tobe Hooper Made the Perfect Horror Sequel with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”

Ranking Every “Wrong Turn” Movie

Known for its inbred cannibals, brutally gory kills, and copious amounts of unusually graphic nude/intimate scenes, the Wrong Turn franchise is truly unlike any other. What started as nothing more than a simple, straightforward slasher has evolved into a seven movie franchise that has a reputation for being trashy, which it kind of owns. So, with the release of 2021’s reboot (which is vastly different), … Continue reading Ranking Every “Wrong Turn” Movie

Why Jason Vorhees Isn’t Evil, Just Sadly Misunderstood

Among the squad of slasher villains, there is one that remains supreme, at least in body count that is.  Jason Vorhees has 160 confirmed kills over the course of 11 films.  And yet, despite topping other characters like Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers, Jason is quite different from the rest. He’s not the boogeyman or embodiment of evil like Myers, nor is he a former … Continue reading Why Jason Vorhees Isn’t Evil, Just Sadly Misunderstood

Recommendations from the Shudder Hotline – Week 3 (Oct 2020)

Delivering in a way unparalleled by any other streaming service, Shudder continued its Halloween Hotline this week, with another hour window where fans could call and get personalized recommendations. We’ve called the last two weeks and got some awesome movie picks, so we thought it would be fun to do it again and here we are.  This week we asked Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman for … Continue reading Recommendations from the Shudder Hotline – Week 3 (Oct 2020)

40 Fun Facts About “Fade to Black”

Resources like IMBD and social media certainly make it easier to be a walking encyclopedia of movie trivia, but back in 1980, it was a rarer and harder talent to acquire. Released the same years as The Shining and Friday the 13th, Fade to Black sadly never gained the mainstream recognition as they did, but it’s no less a classic than they are. It’s a … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About “Fade to Black”

Top 10 Summer Slasher Movies

For most people, summer is a time for vacations, beaches, outdoor activities, and summer camp (at least before Covid). The same rings true for horror fans, only with the added spice of monsters, murder, and mayhem. The summer slasher has since become a pastime for horror fans. There’s just something so fun about blending fun summer activities with a masked killer stalking people. So, in … Continue reading Top 10 Summer Slasher Movies

What’s the Best Slasher Remake?

Remakes and horror have always gone hand in hand. Many forget that even classics like David Cronenberg’s The Fly, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and even all of the Hammer monster classics were all remakes of decades-old classics. But for many, it seemed that 21st century was riddled with unnecessary remakes of beloved classics, particularly slashers. This resulted in iconic characters like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, … Continue reading What’s the Best Slasher Remake?

Pros and Cons of “Scream 5”

Well it’s impossible to go on the internet without seeing the news that David Arquette has officially signed on to reprise his role of Dewey in the upcoming Scream 5. And with Neve Campbell reportedly in talks to come back as Sidney, some fans are excited at the idea of 2 of the 3 main characters returning (the jury is still out on Courtney Cox). … Continue reading Pros and Cons of “Scream 5”