15 Brutal Facts About “Hostel II”

Along with Saw, Hostel remains the go to example for what now refer to a the “torture porn” era of the 2000s.  In many ways, Hostel’s literal torture scenes are the epitome of how gruesome these movies can get.  And while it’s remembered infamously, for many the second movie was superior in every way. It has more interesting characters, it expands on the lore, and … Continue reading 15 Brutal Facts About “Hostel II”

15 Brutal Facts About “Hostel”

It’s hard to believe that the 2000’s were now over a decade ago and as we look back on that turbulent decade, it’s easy to see why “torture porn” horror was so prevalent.  Society was reacting to the real life horrors of terrorist attack and images and stories of torture coming from the wars in the Middle-East. When it comes to this graphically violent subgenre, … Continue reading 15 Brutal Facts About “Hostel”