“Black Christmas” 1974 vs. 2006 vs. 2019

Hollywood’s penchant for remakes has reached the point that we’re now getting remakes of remakes, which shouldn’t be all that surprising anymore.  Nevertheless, it’s given us cases, such as this, where we now have three versions of the same film. However, these three could not be any more different.  So in the spirit of Christmas cheer and holiday horror, we thought it would be fun … Continue reading “Black Christmas” 1974 vs. 2006 vs. 2019

“Black Christmas” (2019) – Movie Review

Despite usually being immediately disregarded by critics, horror films have always been far smarter than they get credit for.  Through extreme situations and storylines, they’re often able to contain a subtext that’s trying to either make a bold statement or provoke mindful thought. Sometimes however, a horror film (or any film for that matter) tries so hard to convey a specific theme or agenda that … Continue reading “Black Christmas” (2019) – Movie Review