“The Lair” – Movie Review

Science gone wrong remains a popular subgenre of both sci-fi and horror (often at their intersection) going all the way back to the monster movies of the 1950s.  In Shudder’s latest exclusive film The Lair, we see extra-terrestrial monster horror set against the backdrop of a war drama and the result is a decent action-horror movie that despite taking itself too seriously at times, ends … Continue reading “The Lair” – Movie Review

“The Superdeep” – Movie Review

What sort of terrors lie deep beneath Earth’s surface?  Shudder’s latest original film from Russia, The Superdeep, explores this idea, and throws in a little Lovecraftian horror while it’s at it. Soviet Era Horror Opening up in black and white, with strong arthouse aesthetic, The Superdeep shows us a team of scientists and their discovery that turns deadly.  We see a man who was used … Continue reading “The Superdeep” – Movie Review

“Viy”: The Only Horror Movie from the Soviet Union

While horror is a word often associated with the many atrocities and abuses suffered in the Soviet Union, horror itself is not something that the nation wanted to promote, at least not in cinema. When looking up horror films from Russia, it’s quite surprising to find that between the few silent pictures in the 1920’s and the slight boost in the 2000’s, there were virtually … Continue reading “Viy”: The Only Horror Movie from the Soviet Union