Making Sense of “Color Out of Space”

In many ways, it’s kind of surprising that a movie like Color Out of Space even happened. Director Richard Stanley had been coming off of a 24 year directing hiatus, and there hadn’t really been a “mainstream” H.P. Lovecraft adaptation since Dagon almost 20 years prior. But the stars (and other things) all aligned to produce this very strange film. One that people argue is … Continue reading Making Sense of “Color Out of Space”

“Blood Machines” Review

While more known for its horror originals, Shudder just released a sci-fi space opera that has to been seen to be believed. Blending stunning visuals, with a fun 80’s synth soundtrack, and a bizarre B-movie plot, Blood Machines is…well it’s something. Not About Plot On the surface, Blood Machines is just the story of two spaceship crew members who get attacked by scavengers that unleash … Continue reading “Blood Machines” Review

20 Enlightening Facts About “Pitch Black”

Long before he was voicing Groot or driving cars in a fast and furious manner, Vin Diesel was bringing an iconic criminal to life, known as Richard B. Riddick. This science fiction franchise has spanned several subgenres between films, but the one think that links them together is Vin Diesel’s performance as the lovable (and badass) Riddick. And it all began 20 years ago, with … Continue reading 20 Enlightening Facts About “Pitch Black”