Ranking Every “Saw” Movie (Including “Spiral”)

With the recent release of Spiral: From the Book of Saw, horror fans can finally rejoice, especially those who were bloodthirsty for deadly life or death games!  Now that it’s finally out however, we can update the standings and rank the entire Saw franchise with Spiral being taken into consideration.  So here is the entire Saw series, ranked from worst to best! 9. Saw 3D … Continue reading Ranking Every “Saw” Movie (Including “Spiral”)

Who’s the Best Jigsaw Disciple?

In addition to be a notorious serial killer who honestly believes that he’s rehabilitating people, John Kramer aka “Jigsaw” is also something of a recruiter and cult leader.  Whenever someone passes their “test”, Kramer usually considers them a prime candidate to join the team and carry on his life’s work after he does. But not all of his disciples are equal in terms of their … Continue reading Who’s the Best Jigsaw Disciple?

Jigsaw: The Most Fascinating Horror Villain

Horror is one of the most interesting genres in that the audience comes to identify with (and even root for) the villain; especially when they keep returning sequel after sequel.  You might say a horror franchise is only as good as its villain.  Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson, and Tommy Jarvis are all interesting characters, but they’re nowhere near as popular with horror fans (or the … Continue reading Jigsaw: The Most Fascinating Horror Villain