Servant: “Haggis” Review

After weeks of the audience watching everyone act like everything was normal, we finally got an outsider’s perspective of just how weird this has all been.  Admittedly the series has been wearing out it’s slow burn appeal for the last few episodes, but this one gave us just enough to stay interested another week.  Plus there’s haggis! Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned Another Awkward … Continue reading Servant: “Haggis” Review

Servant: “Cricket” Review

As Servant continues to relish in making its audience cringe and feel uncomfortable, “Cricket” takes this a step further.  In a series known for its smaller moments, this episode really ups the tension and flips the leverage into another direction.  So let’s all squirm together as we take a closer look at “Cricket”. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned!!! Trust No One As Sean and … Continue reading Servant: “Cricket” Review

“Stranger Things 3” – Simultaneously the Best and Worst Season of the Series

(Minor Spoilers Here, Major Spoilers at the End) After nearly two years of waiting, Netflix finally gifted the world with the long anticipated third season of Stranger Things.   Coming off from a brilliant first season, and an okay second, this next chapter had a great deal to live up to, and to carve out for the future of the series.  And to some degree, Season … Continue reading “Stranger Things 3” – Simultaneously the Best and Worst Season of the Series