How “The Forest” was (Almost) Awesome

While 2016’s The Forest was a box office success (grossing over $30 million on a $10 million budget), it wasn’t without its controversy and poor critical reviews. I remember seeing it back when it first came out a few years ago, and after re-watching it on Netflix very recently, it left the impression of a movie that had great potential, but squandered it. So rather … Continue reading How “The Forest” was (Almost) Awesome

“The Lodge” – Movie Review

In the long tradition of “snowed in” horror films (The Shining, The Thing, Misery, etc.), there’s always a compelling sense of isolation that adds to the suspense.  And while The Lodge is nowhere near as iconic as the aforementioned films, it’s a quiet little thriller that’s worthy of recognition. (Minor Spoilers About the First 5 Minutes of the Movie) Off to a Traumatic Start The … Continue reading “The Lodge” – Movie Review