“The Dark and the Wicked” – Movie Review

Returning home to care for an elderly parent can often be a heartbreaking and stressful situation.  However, as its title suggests, The Dark and the Wicked takes this idea and runs with it into disturbing territory. Not only is it incredibly unsettling to watch, but it also begs the question, is it the houses that are haunted or the people living in them? Dysfunctional Family … Continue reading “The Dark and the Wicked” – Movie Review

“Don’t Listen” – Movie Review

Anyone familiar with paranormal investigating will certainly recognized the term electronic voice phenomena (EVP).  However, for the casual horror fan, there really hasn’t been a major movie that exclusively dealt with it since 2005’s White Noise, starring Michael Keaton.  The latest Netflix original Don’t Listen (aka Voices in its original Spanish title) uses EVP to explore grief, loss, and the supernatural. Family Tragedy Following the … Continue reading “Don’t Listen” – Movie Review

Recommendations From the Shudder Hotline Week 1 (Oct 2020)

It’s October again, which means (other than it being the best month of the year) the Shudder Hotline is back!  Every Friday this month from 3-4pm ET (12-3pm PT) horror fans can call the hotline number and speak directly with Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman for personalized movie recommendations. It’s a truly unique service unlike anything offered by every other streaming service.  So just like we … Continue reading Recommendations From the Shudder Hotline Week 1 (Oct 2020)

Why “The Unborn” Never Really Took Off

Back in 2009, The Unborn debuted to a quiet January release, with legitimate box office success, but very mixed reviews.  It aimed to be a creepy supernatural thriller aimed at teens (with its PG-13 rating), but never fulfilled the potential it had.  The film was filled with great ideas that just never developed into the amazing piece of horror it could have been. A Different … Continue reading Why “The Unborn” Never Really Took Off

“The Wretched” – Movie Review

Animosity or anxiety towards our neighbors has long been an American tradition, so it’s no surprise that horror films have often utilized this trope. Films like Rear Window, and its blatant ripoff Disturbia come to mind. The Wretched takes this premise, and attempts to spice things up with a supernatural twist. But it’s more than just your ordinary horror film. Given the current pandemic, this … Continue reading “The Wretched” – Movie Review

“Insidious” vs. “Sinister” vs. “The Conjuring”

The 2010’s saw a shift in horror as far as popular trends go. Ultra-violent “torture porn” like Saw and Hostel had dominated the 2000’s, but as the 2010’s dawned demonic/paranormal horror movies became the popular norm. One could argue it began with Paranormal Activity in 2009. And while it was definitely a paranormal film (it’s even in the title), it was a bigger inspiration in … Continue reading “Insidious” vs. “Sinister” vs. “The Conjuring”

“Behind You” – Movie Review

Mirrors have long held relevance in the realm of horror and all things scary. Some have seen them as portals to other worlds, while others see them as reflection of the soul itself. Vampires can’t see themselves in them (allegedly due to mirrors once being made from silver), and ghosts like Bloody Mary seem to have knack for appearing in them, if you believe such … Continue reading “Behind You” – Movie Review

Castle Rock: “Dirty” Review

Proving once again to be far superior to its first season, Castle Rock season 2 gave us a strong episode, further building its supernatural threat and putting things in motion for what will most likely be a tense finale! Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned!!! Hitting the Fan Following the events of last episode, the “Cult of Amity” has completely taken over the town.  Believing that … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Dirty” Review

Evil: “2 Fathers” Review

After a particularly intense demonic case last week, Evil took a step back to breathe this week, giving us time to get to know the characters a little better, while still delving into the supernatural.  Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at “2 Fathers”! Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned!!! Too Close to Home Upon analyzing the sigils from the Vatican investigation last episode, … Continue reading Evil: “2 Fathers” Review

The Amityville Legacy

Despite being debunked left and right, it remains the most famous haunted house in America! When it comes to haunted houses, particularly those based on “true” stories, there are none more famous than that house on Ocean Ave in Amityville, NY.  Even now, 40 years after the original film has come out, this house still fascinates many horror fans, and has even been the subject … Continue reading The Amityville Legacy